Brief summary

I offer professional mentoring and confidential career advisory with specialist area in LIFE, Health & Medical Sciences. My experience comprises of more than 135 clients all working in national and international fields demanding a high level of daily dedication and engagement. 95% of my clients are professionals in science, medical industry, and medical health care. But I welcome all fields. My door is open. In an ever more demanding high paced work environment sparring with an external confidante is eminent. Throughout our career; goals, perspectives, and settings are ever-changing and different aspects important to us. I function fully as my client’s personal mentor and trusted advisor with the single goal of aiding with sparring during important career decisions, preparation for important tasks, and ad hoc sparring when needed. All meetings are 100% confidential, conducted according to GDPR, and end to end encrypted e-mail correspondence is offered. For companies, Advanced Mentoring offers workshops, talks, and consultancy. Meetings are conducted in Danish or English with full professional proficiency. EMCC accreditation as transition coach. Accommodating client’s confidentiality needs and work schedules; meetings can be conducted outside of conventional office hours including weekends and holidays at Advanced Mentoring’s office, Client’s office, or preferred nearby locations. To learn more contact directly.